Make your soul immortal through an Ideal Education

Published: 08th February 2010
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The main purpose of education is to prepare our children for the business of life to make them fit for life. Only a comprehensive and imaginative system of education can develop children into good citizens.
Education does not mean only literacy or a degree. It means much more than this. It means the education of a person on various levels like- academic, social, national and international levels. An ideal education is the one which not only enables a person to earn his/her livelihood but also makes him a better human being so that he is able to live a better, happier and fuller life. It is the only separating line which distinguishes human from other wild animals.
A community needs all kinds of people to perform different tasks for smooth and efficient running. Thus, we need doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, technicians, mechanics, formers etc.
Perfect education of a child is also very much important for his/ her bright carrier. In this situation a guardian always thinks about a destination where their child can grow up his/her carrier. Now a day's internet is very much helpful to search such kind of destination. Only you just need to search through some keywords like: - international schools in India, international schools in gurgoan, International schools gurgaon, international schools in delhi, International schools India

They perform their jobs at different sphere of the society. No one is superior or inferior to others. All of them are equally important for the health and life of the society. An ideal education must prepare people for their specific tasks fully and efficiently. From this point of view the existing education system in our country can not be termed an ideal education system. The present education system is lop-sided. It lay too much emphasis on bookish knowledge. There is no effort to relate life with learning the two are kept in separate compartments. Getting a degree seems to have become the sole aim of a student.
The results are disastrous when student come out of colleges and universities. They find life entirely different from their bookish knowledge. They find themselves ill-equipped and ill-prepared for their roles in society. Degrees might help them in getting jobs, but that to can not be assured. Thus the member of educated unemployed goes on increasing year after years. Colleges and universities have become factories which turn out useless, unfinished product in the form of degree holders. They are neither good as workers nor as a good citizen. Thus, our present education system teaches nothing and fails our society in every way.
A good education teaches us to think for ourselves, to use our brains and imagination in a proper and efficient manner. A good education activates the brain and prepares the student through an imaginative us of his/her brain.
We must remember that sound minds and sound bodies go together. The body and the mind must be given equal importance otherwise the development of a student will be lop-sided and incomplete. Games and sports have their own significance in the life of a student.
A good education aims a total development of a student. The final goal of a good education is to turn a student into a perfect citizen. A good education must teach us how to live. The art of livings is a very difficult art, there should be always a constant touch between students and society, and compulsory social service may serve the purpose by bringing students into a direct contact with the realities of life.
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